PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) - (RAP REMIX) - FREE DOWNLOAD - THE SCENES - TO TWEET - Remix of of Psy's hit song Gangnam Style!--------------Lyrics--------------I'd like to welcome you into my brain, where it is not the same from wherever you cameWhere nitwits are insisted to be unashamed, and i'm sorry bout the mess, let me explainWhy's the mic all cracked? I accidentally dropped it, then I took an aK to its base and POPped it!Ain't in GANG MAN it's just my STYLE, coming from a strange land with lyrics so wildA bit of a twisted guile, a wit of a misfit child, a little ballistic, its linguistic gets it distant riles, I'll....let you know my mind is like a maze and, that's what makes it amazing I'm so PSYchotic, a sly comic, other emcees releasing brain farts. Me? I mind vomitI'm quite honest, I'm a ninth onyx, a third sonic, mixed in a pot with condiments so demonicSo when I leap up on the beat I wanna hear a, If you see me on ya street I wanna hear aBut if you try to cheat off me I'm gonna tell ya, what did you get for #8?Yep that's me, that's how I roll, so crazily, out of control, with no place to be So loco a nut with out all the coco, see? I'm...not tryna make the party bangNot tryna write a sing-a-long that everyone can sing, not in it for the money or the fameI do it so you remember my name, just tried to turn k-pop to hip hop, tied em both together and I didn't need a slipknot, do it for my listeners I never ever will stop. No!--------------Links--------------► Official Website -► Download My Songs On iTunes -► Like -► Follow Me -► Listen To Music -► Free Downloads -

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